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Interested in taking direct action to prevent veteran suicide? Join the Objective Zero team by applying for an open position below.

State Director

What does a State Director do?
State Directors are the link between Objective Zero HQ and regional volunteers, overseeing the core of Objective Zero’s decentralized, nationwide operations. State Directors are responsible for recruiting volunteers in their given geographic area to create regional, state, or city-level volunteer groups covering functional areas (e.g., Fundraising, Ambassador Recruitment, User Recruitment, and Marketing, etc.) in order to:

  • Expand the Objective Zero Ambassador and Volunteer Networks

  • Spread the Word About Objective Zero

  • Raise Funds

State Directors are given a great deal of latitude to establish regional, state, and city volunteer groups as they see fit in support of our mission to eliminate veteran suicides. To accomplish this, State Directors are responsible for leading volunteer operations in their given geographic area to include the integration of the following elements: fundraising; ambassador, user, and volunteer recruitment; and marketing. State Directors report directly to the National Expansion Director.

Key Tasks

  • Recruit, manage, lead area volunteers

  • Create regional volunteer strategy, integrating elements of fundraising, user/ambassador recruitment, marketing, and volunteer recruitment

  • Coordinate volunteer efforts with Objective Zero's National Expansion/Outreach Director

  • Coordinate Objective Zero events

  • Report on activities and participate in team calls

General Volunteers

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