Our Mission


We believe veteran suicide can be prevented through the simple act of listening.

Objective Zero is a mobile app and 501(c)(3) nonprofit that anonymously connects Veterans to suicide prevention resources and a community of veterans, counselors, and concerned citizens.


our vision

The Objective Zero Foundation enhances social connectedness and access to suicide prevention resources to prevent veteran suicide.

Succeeding where others have failed, the Objective Zero Foundation is a mission-driven tech start-up that leads the pack in the fight against veteran suicide, connecting every veteran in America to suicide prevention support and resources.


our values

Selfless Service
Giving all for others; asking for nothing in return.
Staying true to our mission, veterans, and each other.
Doing what we say; saying what we mean.
Building strong, meaningful bonds and social connectedness.
Being forthright with our intentions, actions, and dealings.
Thinking differently about problems and potential solutions; boldly taking action to solve them.
Holding in confidence the identity of community members.