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Why Donate to Objective Zero?

With roughly 20 veterans taking their lives each day, at a 22% higher rate than the civilian population, our country faces a Veteran suicide crisis. One of the reasons for this is many Veterans do not have reliable access to the proper mental healthcare resources, while many others are reluctant to reach out for help because of the stigma associated with doing so.

Objective Zero addresses these challenges to care by instantly and anonymously connecting veterans to nationwide peer support and mental health and wellness resources. 


A bigger impact at a lower cost

Unlike most veteran service organizations, which are burdened by high overhead and are limited in their reach, Objective Zero is comprised entirely of unpaid volunteers and leverages the latest technology and a crowd-sourced model to deliver services on a massive scale, at a fraction of the cost.

This means your donation goes even further, with roughly 97 cents of every dollar put toward our Program Fund, which is used to sustain and improve the Objective Zero mobile app and train peer supporters.

Our impact

With over four hundred trained peer supporters in 46 states and five countries, Objective Zero has connected hundreds of Veterans in its first few months on the market. And that's just the beginning. With new updates and integrations underway and more Veterans and peer supporters signing up daily, our impact is set to grow over the coming months.



The Objective Zero mobile app is free and always will be for veterans. But it isn’t free to maintain. Data storage and technology expenses, which increase as more veterans use the app, must be paid to sustain the service. And because Objective Zero is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we are completely reliant on generous contributions from people like you to keep the app alive.

For as little as $10 a month, you can help us continue to provide this critical resource to our nation’s brave veterans. Will you join us in our fight against veteran suicide by clicking on the 'Donate' button below and pledging your support?


Objective Zero is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preventing suicide in the military and veteran communities. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS policies and regulations.