Ambassador Program

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Are you a Lemonade employee or policyholder that is looking to volunteer?

Go beyond thanking veterans for their service! Become an Objective Zero Ambassador and ask them about it. Even a few minutes a week could save a life. Follow the steps below to begin receiving calls, texts, and video chats from veterans. You don't need to be a veteran or mental health professional to become an Ambassador, just wiling to take the calls and texts of the military community and complete our training.

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Step 1: Get the App


Step 2: Train

Train to become an Ambassador:

Once you you've downloaded the app and created an Ambassador profile, the app will walk you through the video and quiz you'll need to complete to become a certified Ambassador. 

Step 3: Learn

Already an Ambassador? Get the resources you need:

Through a partnership with PsychArmor Institute, we are pleased to offer a library of training modules that will assist Ambassadors in helping Veterans on the Objective Zero mobile app. Simply scroll down and enter your name, email address, and username to create a PsychArmor account. You will automatically be added to the Objective Zero Team page. Once there, follow these steps to access our Ambassador course catalogue:

  1. Hover over the 'Courses' tab and click on 'Course Library'

  2. Click on the course you wish to take

  3. Click on the first hyperlink under the heading 'Lessons'

  4. Click the 'Launch' button

  5. Learn :)


Connect with fellow Ambassadors and Volunteers on our Facebook Group