Preemption Technology


What if a suicidal individual could receive lifesaving support without asking for it?

Suicidal signs indicators are not always clear, leaving those who lose loved ones helpless and blaming themselves for not noticing their loved one was struggling. That's why we're developing a technology to identify suicidal signs and automatically deliver the proper resources to those who need them. 

Using the latest machine learning techniques, the technology works in three stages:

  • Data Collection: The preemption technology collects user data to establish a baseline for what healthy behavior looks like for each individual
  • Data Analysis: The technology monitors incoming data for deviations from healthy behavior and applies a risk-factor value to each user
  • Resource Delivery: The app sends the user tailored resources—such as peer support, mental health support resources, or wellness exercises—when variations are detected.

Development Roadmap

With a patent pending and software developers ready to begin developing this lifesaving suicide preemption technology, we need your help to make it a reality. We need to raise $100,000 to complete the project. Here's a roadmap of each stage.

Stage 1: Data Collection (5 weeks - $25,200)

  • Surveys, message content, activity data, and phone and text data

Stage 2: Data analysis (4 weeks - $16,200)

  • Data export, algorithm refinement, back­end database development

Stage 3: Intervention (4 weeks - $13,500)

  • Push notifications linked to analyzed data

Stage 4: Launch and Sustainment ($45,100)

We need you

Help us get this lifesaving technology into the hands of those who need it most by donating today.